Hello, my name is Howard Kearney and I’m running for the US House of Representatives, District 1, Louisiana.

My platform is based on the principle of self-ownership with the smallest government possible. I believe:

As long as you are not harming others, I will defend and work for you, and every person, to have the:

I am asking you to join me today in my campaign. If you have these same beliefs, I ask that you help spread the word. I do *not* accept monetary contributions. If you do want to help our campaign; you can do so by sending emails, making phone calls, sharing on Facebook or Twitter to your friends, calling radio and TV stations, writing letters to the editor. We also need volunteers for sign-waving events, for visiting neighbors and passing out door hangers, and posting yard signs.

Please talk with your family and friends and encourage them to vote for me.

Call me today at 985-630-6388 or email me at howard@Kearneyforcongress.com.


Howard Lincoln Kearney, born 1959, current resident of Mandeville, LA, St. Tammany Parish since 1994. Previously lived in San Antonio, Texas. Raised as a “military-brat” where my parents retired from military duty.

Why I am running

For many decades, the established Republican and Democratic parties have taken away our liberties and muted justice. Our freedoms being taken away with every bill passed. From the constant compromises of gun-control, pro-life, pro-liberty, and pro-economic issues to flat out caving in on their constitutional oath. We have suffered from their failed “war on drugs” and how it has ruined so many lives and created a pipeline of school to prison; especially on the poor. Regardless how I feel about personal drug usage or abuse, one thing is certain; it is a health issue not a criminal issue.

In our district, the incumbent, Representative Steve Scalise, Republican, has failed in his promises. Here are a few that see. Representative Scalise has caused the death of our soldiers overseas by failing to oppose the AMUF and bring back the troops home from unconstitutional and non-declared wars by rouge past and present Presidents.

He has failed to lower taxes for all citizens. He has indebted us over $26 trillion. Which not even our grandchildren will be able to pay it off. He has let government over spending run rampant.

He has failed to eliminate the Affordable Care Act (Obama care) which raised health care costs higher than ever and not providing better services.

He has failed to eliminate the Patriot Act which has near destroyed our Liberties and eliminated Justice.

He has failed to reduce inflation by ending the Federal Reserve or at the very least auditing the Federal Reserve.

In short, Representative Scalise has failed the citizens of Louisiana’s 1st district.

Why am I running for congress? To replace Representative Scalise with someone who will not fail the citizens but will follow the ideas of our forefathers and our Constitution, to live peacefully with each other and with other nations, and to bring back Liberty and Justice for all.

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Contact Me

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me:

Email: Howard@KearneyForCongress.com

Cell: (985) 630-6388

Facebook: /KearneyforCongress

Twitter: @HowardKearney